Agileworks focuses on software and business craftsmanship, excellent teams and a robust approach to our client's challenges

  • We provide our clients with a number of services centred around the following aspects:
  • Improve our client's differentiation through enablers that drive excellent customer services powered by software & insights
  • Deliver new innovative solutions with short time to market
  • Increase our client's profitability through decision management, eliminating risk and optimising key areas
  • We reEngineer the business (or parts) and create agile platforms
  • Design high performance modern architectures that scale and support change
  • Our Approach:
  • Make it Agile, it works.
  • Strategy first
  • Design from first principles, "ab inito"
  • Focus on wise technology selection
  • Build capabilities
  • Iterate
  • Disciplined Agile works.



Our generic process is simple & scalable, agile, iterative and lean (SAIL). Each step is done in rapid succession rather than a waterfall approach and seems like any other (although it's not). We customise the generic process and approach based on the problems we need to solve and our client's context. More on this later.


We listen and understand what your needs and concerns are. We come up with a specific business solution, tailored to your exact requirements and the intersection with technology.


Design a process and team to solve the challenges, discover what we do not know and rapidly deliver proof of concepts that look at the required aspects and risks while converging on a high quality solution, fit for purpose.


Our top notch technology team takes over the development from here and does their magic, as well as a thorough data profiling and cleaning.


Lastly, we follow-up our service with a phase two development and/or service level agreements and life cycle management.

Download a full breakdown of our process (available later)


Watch this space for more information at a later stage (or a future iteration). Our consulting services form the foundation for everything we do. There is a lot to read, too much for now, we will spare readers the text and come back with pictures.


We have developed our own products, modules, tools, systems and templates. In addition AgileWorks has also secured the rights ,or agencies, to additional products. This combined suite of capabilities assists us in being amongst the leading innovators in a very competitive industry. Hence, we can provide our clients with reasonably priced, innovative solutions. Some of the products are:


Teamworks provides a powerful platform for the development of solutions that require advanced task tracking, CRM like features combined with an originations platform. It is a multi brand, omni channel, lead to sale originations platform with strong work flow constructs and a skills based multi agent and actor model to leverage suitably qualified human or bot agents. This allows tasks to be managed from an open state to a closed state efficiently and with full visibility. The solution is based on cloud native streaming, polyglot and model driven architecture with key aspects delivered by Kafka, Mendix, Node.js to deliver a scalable solution that can grow with your business/es.


Moneyworks is a dynamic (cloud) accounting software platform. It is more sophisticated than Pastel, SAGE Accounting and XERO while providing the only cloud book keeping solution that allows users to migrate all their data into and out of the cloud and continue working either way. For more information, go to

The Campaign Management Engine platform (CME)

The Campaign Management Engine platform (CME) is a perspectives and segmentation engine that automates data sourcing, assembly and monitoring processes for running marketing campaigns. Starbucks and Domino’s Pizza (South Africa) both use the consumer analytics and predictive analytics capabilities of CVM in conjunction with their loyalty programs. Our CVM solution has helped Starbucks to greatly simplify and reduce the set-up time of campaigns, compared to the US system, from weeks to days, and have reduced the size of the support team required to drive effective campaigns to help grow the Starbucks rewards program in South Africa.

Omni Rules

OmniRules is a discovery, development, deployment and distribution platform for Decision Brokering both On-Premise and SaaS.

Speaks your language. Through Domain Discovery we build a single source of truth for your problem space, by defining your rules and data-points in the language of your business and then aligning IT and AI to adopt the same ubiquitous language across your organisation.

Governed. The Development and Quality process is governed through a Rule Authoring workflow that carefully controls how changes impact your production quality, avoids downtime and responds to rapid changing market needs in a timely way.

Cost effective. Authoring takes care of documenting, developing and controlling quality all at once and then distribute your rules to any platform stack or channel either in a scheduled way. By having a flexible way of distributing your rules, pull, push or manual, you can avoid rewriting the same business logic multiple time in different systems and avoid costly future changes.

It runs everywhere. Regardless of technology or architecture, online or offline, mobile or browser, server-side or client-side, on premise or on cloud your rule artefacts can run in virtually any technology stack. Knowing which rules run where inside your portfolio can be tracked and orchestrated via a single dashboard.

Audit First. Auditing is built-in from the get-go. Immutability and traceability not only works for audit, but for troubleshooting, investigation and deeper analysis of your data and decision making processes.

Transactional Analysis and Validation (TAV)

Transactional Analysis and Validation (TAV) is a service that analyses general ledger transactions, payroll and payroll transactions, supplier data, company’s banking events and related transactions to detect fraud and errors. The current service is a combination of manual and automated modules, but the development of additional advanced models are in the labs. The audits also identify issues such as VAT (over or under payments); optimal stock level analysis and payment errors. AgileWorks is the technology partner of the JV with Accountants at Law and IRMS.

Data quality assessment

Data quality assessment: The data quality assessment tools enables the engineers to analyses and review large data files for suitability to be processed in batch or automated analysis. The tools provide a dashboard of the completeness of the various fields and indicates where the client needs to supplement information. Agileworks combines the tools with a data services where we iteratively work with a client to enhance their data as much as possible. Data profiling and metadata management provides important capabilities in assessing, on an ongoing basis, data sources and the sparseness, completeness, noise, range, types and patterns and to develop systems that are resilient and capable of handling the run-of-the-mill data that the world produces (it's not pretty without the right tools) .

File based synchronization

File based synchronization components eases the import from Dropbox or other locations & transports, in the right format, on an ongoing basis with lots of validation and transformation aspects, in a transactional environment. The data mapping and integration frameworks can be operational in a very short time, reducing the APIs and related development time. Although file data sources are a no-no, many business still rely on this to manage anything not catered for by the core systems.

Stock level analysis and audit tool

Stock level analysis and audit tool: AgileWorks developed tools, to determine historic stock levels from factory floor production (SCADA) data and SAP sales data. Auditors required more accurate point in time data to verifying the stock levels. This tool works by simulating the stock level via back propagation from sales and manufacturing data to validate stock levels in the past, per factory location. Or it can run forwards with per location error checking for negative stock, stock take observations and other heuristics.

The stock level optimisation uses event based simulation and modelling techniques, combined with big data, analytics and audit techniques in collaboration with to optimise complex stock problems and reduce the amount of cash tied up in stock.

Other products are:

We are Mendix specialists and a Mendix Partner and can offer assistance with advanced Mendix consulting.

Other products, that power many of our solutions include:

SMS and Dialogue Server; Everlytic Campaign Management Module; SMS Portal Module with send/receive and tracking API's; Blaze and OpenRules Decisioning modules; Mendix Multithreading jobs management and task compositing frameworks; Compuscan API clients; Google PubSub Mendix client and more.



Single Customer View & Campaign Management
Starbucks single customer view and customer behaviour management integrated with the Starbucks loyalty, point of sales and campaign management systems (2016/17 - present).


Single Customer View
Domino’s single customer view and customer behaviour management integrated with point of sale, mobile orders, contact centre orders and campaign management (2018 - present)


Loan Origination and Decisioning
DirectAxis decision engine (2012/13).DirectAxis lead management (2011-2013).DirectAxis loan origination systems (2011-2013).


Transaction and Card processing
Chevron Transaction and Card processing (2016/17) and current maintenance and development for Astron Energy


Transactional Analysis Assistance
Transactional Analysis Assistance for Coricraft with IRMS (2018)


Transactional Analysis
Transactional Analysis for Servest with IRMS (2017).


Compuloan API support
Compuloan API for Mendix (2018 - present) and a range of Compuscan API's for Mendix

Bank of Canada

Commercial Loan origination
Bank of Canada loan origination (2014-2017).

Africa Direct

Loan origination
Mendix consulting and solutions for Africa Direct (2018 to present)

Consumer Analytics

Advanced consumer analytics and tracing platforms
Low latency high performance reactive advanced consumer analytics and tracing platforms (2015/2016).

Inventory Audit

SAP Stock Audit Model
Inventory Simulation with forward and back propagation (2018)

Trade Halo

Guarantee Exchange
Trade Halo Guarantee Exchange (2013 to present).

AquaCheck Predictive Analytics

IoT Bigdata platform & Customer Portal
End to end data collection and processing for an Internet Of Things (IOT) application. Aquacheck is a leader in soil moisture probes and we engineered the end to end solution responsible for the predictive analytics for farming, specifically irrigation management. The platform has many users all over the globe and is a Big data & predictive analytics platform with custom and standard cloud components. (2014-present)

Kimmo Manufacturing

Cloud data extraction and integration.
Data Warehouse for Kimmo's manufacturing ERP System, Unleashed. Developed a cloud data extraction solution for integration with PowerBI (2018)


AgileWorks has extensive development experience in a variety of technical disciplines. We have designed and created development capabilities for clients as well. This includes the whole gamut of technology tradeoff and selection, designing a team and recruiting and training new staff to implement the technology stack and strategy. We approach this like we do our own technology selection and team creation.

Architecture Skills:

We create solutions that forms a core part of client’s systems and cultivate the skills required to look at the business and system life cycle and software development processes and architecture.

The solution architecture aligns with the business and technical roadmap and operational requirements.

We prefer a declarative and model driven approach that provides a higher velocity and agility while bringing down total cost of ownership and risk.

The IP and skills that were developed are as follows:

We have a strong focus on general software engineering and new emerging technologies. We implement inhouse proof of concepts to see how mature technologies are and cultivate a skill set if we decide to support it directly or through outsourced partnerships.

In addition to Mendix and model driven development, we invest in traditional imperative software engineering capabilities in Java, Python, Relational DBs, NoSQL, JavaScript, Devops, BigData, and cloud architectures and hosting.

Data & Predictive Analytics forms an important part of our solutions and capabilities. We like working with big data sets and know the value of clean data, emergent patterns and how this helps to improve services, profitability and knowing your customer. For this, we invest in skills and tools such as SAS, Talend, Python, Mathematica and those that love Math, or as one philosopher alluded, the language of GOD.

A deliberate focus on business driven systems and software development for greenfield or brownfield projects, including re-engineering processes and systems.


New Product Development / Agile PM

We use two project management disciplines. The first is based on best practices of new product development (NPD) methodologies, and the second disciplined agile project management. Although there is a material overlap in the processes, the NPD is predominantly used in defining the solution, while the agile PM in developing it. These methodologies are fundamentally different to traditional project management, because they include business development as part of the project iterations. We are mindful of traditional processes where a business case is handed over to developers, and then only reassessed once a ‘perfect’ (but wanting) technology platform has been developed.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product (MVP): The MVP is a critical component of the NPD process. The specific objective of the scoping phase is to articulate a Minimum Viable Product (or test) MVP, which forms the core of the brief. A good MVP isolates the critical digital path required to achieve the business outcome. This is generally part of the first iterative step during a new engagement with you.

Proof of Concept (POC)

Proof of Concept (POC): The POC is a critical component of our agile PM process. In the early development phase, both the proposed architectural solution and the MVP is tested and refined in a series of proof of concept (POC) workshops. In these POC's the developers build models to determine if the assumptions used during the design definition, can be practically implemented (and assess relevant technical and commercial risks).


AgileWorks has gained know-how and experience in rapid growth industries such as consumer analytics and a number of the data driven financial services segments. We have iteratively built-up a material level of IP, which client access through our consulting services. The specific industries within which we have developed this IP are:

  • the financial services domain, generally.
  • but specifically, in credit provision and loan origination.
  • risking and fraud detection.
  • consumer analytics and other model based techniques to predict, segment and drive behaviour.
  • event driven solution architectures that scale while being relatively quick to market.
  • knowhow to build a POPIA compliant information bureau.
  • business transaction analysis, auditing and detecting irregularities.
  • working with spatial data, GIS and modelling in the Utilities sector.


Interactive Risk Management

IRMS and Agileworks teamed up to provide powerful transactional analysis and validation (TAV) solutions to our clients. IRMS has some of the leading forensic accountants that support litigation support and business rescue services, with a major focus on advanced TAV solutions. For more information, visit IRMS' website.


Members of our team have been leading Mendix consultants since 2010. Agileworks specialises in Model Driven Development, functional and declarative development (in addition to classical imperative development and software engineering). We selected Mendix as our platform of choice to provide advanced, scalable, secure solutions at a higher velocity than any other platform we have explored (where suited). Really. If you doubt this, contact us :-)

Agileworks provides Moneyworks sales and support in Southern Africa and Moneyworks Now hosting.

Moneyworks is a powerful and very user friendly scalable bookkeeping solution. It runs in the cloud and on-premise, has a range of powerful extensions to scale from micro enterprises to large SME's that need a high performance solution with departmental accounting, job costing, time billing, manufacturing, bank manager (and much more) and an open architecture that allows users to get all their data in and out with the click. To learn more, go to and watch this space for major announcements soon.

One of Agileworks most recent accomplishments is to become bronze partners with the ever evolving Twilio.

Twilio is a cloud communications, platform as a service company. Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service API’s. Visit the site here:

Agileworks itself has made use of the programmable voice interface to send and receive calls. Features such as SMS and WhatsApp have become new homes to our Ai Agents and the powerful Contact Centre Tool Flex is a new world of exploration for us.

The bronze status allows us to access Twilio’s time, resources and flexible pricing model as well as the ability to pick the brains of Twilio engineers for expert help in our projects.

This status grants us access to training and expertise to deliver a better solution for client needs. It also allows us insight into Twilio’s roadmap for us to stay up to date with any new developments.