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Technology Services

  • We offer product development, and business development services, in addition to software development.

  • Clients benefit from relationships with our businesses and other clients'.

  • Services significantly accelerate our clients' growth, when tapping into our experience, market strategies, and IP.

Stand-alone Products

  • Our product catalogue contains partner and Agileworks products.

  • Our partner products are best in class!

  • Our own products fill niches where available software does not adequately solve our clients' problems.

  • Products are typically for clients on levels 2/5 and 3/5 of the digital maturity scale (also called the CMM scale).

Integrated Solutions

  • We have combined partner and Agileworks products into pre-configured solutions.

  • Solutions solve prominent problems in fintechs, financial services organisations and some technology savvy SMEs.

  • Suitable for businesses moving to higher degrees of automation (digital maturity 4/5 and 5/5).

Our mission is to grow our clients' technology platforms to CMM-Level 5 as quickly and affordably as possible.

Level 5 is the highest rung of the CMM DIGITAL / TECHNOLOGY scale. To reach this level a system must be fully integrated, largely automated and have the highest possible data quality and analytical metrics. One may feel that Levels 4 and 5 are only for big-tech, but it is an important and attainable status for SMEs. Once there, optimising sales, ROIs or any other KPI becomes part of daily operations. We achieve this with out-the-box-solutions, bespoke development, customisation and professional (technology) services.

BUT, we often start by first making sure the basics of LEVELS 1, 2 and 3 are solidly in place, by focussing lean projects on greater standardisation of repeatable processes, and configuring off-the-shelf-products.

Do you want to determine where your organisation is on the CMM-scale?