About Us

Procuring the right technology often involves distilling a user’s requirements down to a lean, minimum viable product (MVP), and thereafter matching these functional needs with the best possible value for money solution. This is a simple problem for a client to understand but is often tricky to solve once company-specific considerations are included.

For example, clients typically do not want to invest in or implement, the whole stack at once. They are often trying to balance the capital expense and organisation’s impedance, with the need for potential savings (due to increased efficiency) and additional income (generated by the new capability). The permutations can be endless and overwhelming.

We are experts at not only assisting our clients with such decisions but also in developing, implementing, maintaining, and evolving robust technology capabilities. The reason we are good at it is because of a layered ecosystem.



Our development team has extensive architectural knowledge; we continually do R&D and proof of concepts to master new specialised technologies and work out the parameters and sweet spots of where to use the tools of our trade. We also cultivate technical product development skills to support our teams and clients.


Our technical skills are fully realised in methodologies that use rapid development tools to iteratively model and test functionality. This is immensely beneficial because the whole team can critically evaluate the solution for technical and commercial performance, and make subtle or bold changes at a relatively cheap stage of the development cycle. Our method is the evolutional and refinement of various best practices


Agileworks is an entrepreneurial technology company that is the evolution of nine tech start-ups, some of which grew into stand-alone ventures, while others were absorbed by larger corporations. We have lived the joys and sorrows of technology and technology businesses. We like to believe that we understand many of your challenges.


In industries where we have developed extensively, we have our own intellectual property, products, and patterns that we often include in the client solutions. Our clients get the benefit of our experience and IP in products, thereby reducing custom development costs and time-to-market.


We are absolutely committed to our clients, and their causes. It is a company and personal value, but it also naturally resonates with the developers who passionately pursue innovative solutions. On the other hand, the people amongst us are drawn to long-term relationships. You may ask: How is this different from similar claims by others? And we would respond that our business cannot survive, let alone thrive unless we enable our clients to consistently achieve their targets in sales, ROIs, or other KPIs.

And, fortunately, we are not only achieving but frequently exceeding these goals.


Single Customer View & Campaign Management
Starbucks single customer view and customer behaviour management integrated with the Starbucks loyalty, point of sales and campaign management systems (2016/17 - present).


Single Customer View
Domino’s single customer view and customer behaviour management integrated with point of sale, mobile orders, contact centre orders and campaign management (2018 - present)


Transaction and Card processing
Chevron Transaction and Card processing (2016/17) and current maintenance and development for Astron Energy


Loan Origination and Decisioning
DirectAxis decision engine (2012/13).DirectAxis lead management (2011-2013).DirectAxis loan origination systems (2011-2013).

Africa Direct

Loan origination
Mendix consulting and solutions for Africa Direct (2018 to present)

AquaCheck Predictive Analytics

IoT Bigdata platform & Customer Portal
End to end data collection and processing for an Internet Of Things (IOT) application. Aquacheck is a leader in soil moisture probes and we engineered the end to end solution responsible for the predictive analytics for farming, specifically irrigation management. The platform has many users all over the globe and is a Big data & predictive analytics platform with custom and standard cloud components. (2014-present)


Compuloan API support
Compuloan API for Mendix (2018 - present) and a range of Compuscan API's for Mendix

Bank of Canada

Commercial Loan origination
Bank of Canada loan origination (2014-2017).


Transactional Analysis
Transactional Analysis for Servest with IRMS (2017).


Transactional Analysis Assistance
Transactional Analysis Assistance for Coricraft with IRMS (2018)

Trade Halo

Guarantee Exchange
Trade Halo Guarantee Exchange (2013 to present).

Consumer Analytics

Advanced consumer analytics and tracing platforms
Low latency high performance reactive advanced consumer analytics and tracing platforms (2015/2016).

Kimmo Manufacturing

Cloud data extraction and integration.
Data Warehouse for Kimmo's manufacturing ERP System, Unleashed. Developed a cloud data extraction solution for integration with PowerBI (2018)

Inventory Audit

SAP Stock Audit Model
Inventory Simulation with forward and back propagation (2018)