Out-the-box Solutions

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AG-5 Contact Centre

A Level-5 CMM Contact Centre

What is CMM?

It is a 5-point scale that measures the maturity of a system. A Level 5 solution consists of leading edge software components that are totally integrated, and provide a manager with the right measurements for resource optimisation. In the case of our contact centre it means:

  • A platform built on the Twilio [??].

  • Integrated task router, with skills based routing, and SLA based work flows.

  • …. Segment; CME.

  • Full unified inbound and outbound multi-channel platform.

  • Programmable IVR.

  • Fully customisable.

  • One client improved right party contacts from 14% to 20%.

  • Another client ….

FOR: WHO: Communication centre for Service industry … with high in or our bound communications, where servicelevels are mission critical.

Contact Centre POC

Our lite version is your 1st step on call centre road map.

  • Products: CME; Teamworks

  • Partner products: Twilio; Segment;

  • Capabilities:

    • 3 - 5 users.

    • two or three channels (whatsapp, AVM, IVR).

    • moderate call volumes up to 1,000 per week.

  • Duration: 2 - 3 month.

  • Software Development:

  • Data: Clean-up seperate.

Communication Centre


  • Full unified, inbound and outbound, contact centre platform with programmable IVR, with skills based routing, and SLA based work flows and task management.

  • Fully API enabled.

  • Products: Twilio; Segment; CME; Teamworks

  • Term SLA

  • Teamworks that maps to company processes

  • Fully integrated and customised.

  • Suitable for: companies that are ready ... mature ... oither systems ... graduated from LITE.

  • Software Development:

  • KPIS

LITE Cloud Marketing

Campaigns for smallish guys?

Cloud Marketing

Final State [?]


  • MONEYWORKS + CRM, e-statement converter; invoice sending; eCommerce Warehouse; advanced commission, stock manager (virtual); account assistant (virtual) and debit order module

  • Software Development:

CRM for Moneyworks