Searching for Synergies

We are continuously exploring new business opportunities. We are very focussed on staying true to our development DNA, and as a result like partnering with companies focussed on other aspects of the value chain. If you are interested in exploring any opportunity please feel free to Contact Us.


We want resellers for our products

  • Teamworks task management (for call centres)

  • Chat bots (for call centres)

  • Agileworks Accounting ERP (and Moneyworks)

APIs and Integrations

Plug in to our ecosystems

  • We use and create cloud services for the 'API economy'.

  • APIs do not only benefit our solutions, they can also create business opportunities.

  • Do you have a solution that could be synergistic to one of our's?

We collaborate

... when traditional models are not suitable.

  • Collaboration is ideal for SME companies in their early, or rapid growth phases.

  • It is incredibly powerful, but the fit must be right.

  • Do you have an opportunity that you would like to explore with us?