AgileWorks is proud to present its Enterprise Range of products. Providing solutions to business needs in a range of ways.

CME is an exceptionally innovative platform between the systems containing customer data points and the marketing campaign management systems.

It automatically consolidates the data from potentially disparate locations into a single customer view. This is where the campaign managers view a range of transactional activities, including individual customer behaviours and trends to provide a 360 view, so you can get to know your customer (KYC).

The user interface empowers the business unit owner/campaign manager to configure the filters and decision engine in accordance with the marketing strategy for a series of campaigns. CME dynamically executes the campaign/s as customer activities trigger the campaign specific rules. Multiple campaigns of varying duration can run concurrently, including countless follow-on campaigns.

CME also has strategic partnerships with: a rules engine supplier; loyalty programme provider; golden record supplier; data bureaus and an AI rules engine (and expert) system.

These systems are aligned with CME and are easily integrated. CME can scale from SMEs to large enterprises by adding big data components that move the 360 degree view from a relational store to a big data cloud environment.


OmniRules is a discovery, development, deployment and distribution platform for Decision Brokering both On-Premise and SaaS.

Using Domain Discover to define rules and data points in your businesses language and aligning this with IT and AI means the adoption of the same ubiquitous language across your organisation.

A rules Authoring workflow controls how changes impact production to avoid downtime and allow rapid response.Cost effective as it helps avoid the rewriting of the same business logic and auditing is built in first achieving deeper analysis of your data.

Regardless of technology or architecture, mobile or browser, server-side or client-side, online, offline or cloud it runs everywhere. It lives inside a Kafka consumer, browser, server or mobile, just where you need it.


Teamworks provides a powerful platform for the development of solutions that require advanced task tracking,

It is a multi brand, omni channel, lead to sale originations platform with strong work flow constructs and a skills based multi agent and actor model to leverage suitably qualified human or bot agents.

This allows tasks to be managed from an open state to a closed state efficiently and with full visibility. The solution is based on cloud native streaming, polyglot and model driven architecture with key aspects delivered by Kafka, Mendix, Node.js to deliver a scalable solution that can grow with your business/es.


Mendix is a low-code application software platform that provides tools to build, test, deploy and iterate applications. It allows for faster development and deployment of applications. Agileworks members have been Mendix consultants since 2010. We love it because it allows us to provide clients with solutions at a faster pace, while still insuring safety, security and quality.

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Agileworks and Interactive Risk Management (IRM) have developed Profile, an easy, secure and frictionless way to leverage your business data in Excel, Google Sheets, corporate apps and databases, securely and with no technical skills required, at the drop of a secure hat.

Profile is a software drop box, that allows you to do a number of checks on potential and long running employees that can give you peace of mind managing your risk and giving you valuable insights. These checks include:

  • Director of Companies
  • Ghost Employees
  • VAT Number Verification
  • Qualification verification
  • South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS)
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Data enrichment
  • Data updates for contactibility
  • Much more - all at the drop of a file, easy as that, no need to talk to someone or log into a website, no more to and fro.


Agileworks has developed a number of AI and NLP driven agents, commonly called Bots, although we dislike this term. We prefer to think of them as new dependable employees that are not there to replace people but to enhance the lives of customers and staff alike, meet the capable, always on and patient ai.assistant.

Artificial intelligent (AI) assistants are specialised programs designed to simulate conversation with humans over the internet using a number of channels, such as web-chat, SMS, Skype, WhatsApp and Voice.

We use natural language processing technologies which allows us to create natural conversations that can use customer information from databases and business rules to provide relevant intelligent and contextual responses which gives the user unique, personal and up to date feedback to their questions in real-time.

Integration of AI assistants opens a number of channels into existing sales and support processes. They can be placed on web pages, phoned via mobile or over Skype and can even be added to popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Easily accessible analytics and learning tools allows these ai.agents to grow and change as they are posed with new terms, questions and conversations.

The applications of ai|assistants are endless and can also help feed internal knowledge management systems and make these available to internal staff. Think about how to answer staff about leave requests, parking applications and other esoteric corporate procedures that often need to be repeated for poor souls who can not find the information in endless lists of documents on file servers, convoluted WIKI pages and so called self-help portals from yesteryear. What about ordering that next drink though a friendly assistant? Watch this space.