Agileworks Products

Agileworks sells stand-alone PRODUCTS directly to end-users and/or integrates them into our SOLUTIONS. All products are exceptional and were built, or selected because they support modern cloud architectures and declarative modelling. In simple terms they enable us to do more with less.

Teamworks Task Management

Crafted to transform call and communication centres

  • Call centre specific productivity tool.

  • Task routing to available resources with the right skills.

  • Advanced business activity monitoring (BAM) and reporting.

  • Integrated with: Twilio; Segment; all Agileworks Products.

AI Assistants & chatbots

Delegate repetitive but important jobs.

  • Our chatbots excel at accurately capturing data such as ID numbers, addresses, mobile numbers, and other confidential and important personal information (in a GDPR and POPI compliant and secure way).

  • Chatbots excel when they are ‘teamed up’ with human call centre agents who have constant visibility of their conversations.

Cloud Marketing Engine (CME)

Automated and dynamic campaigns.

  • Cross channel communications are triggered by individual customers' behaviour or other events.

  • Allows the crafting of unique customer journeys based on customer behaviour.

  • Much more than just a CRM, the system builds a single behavioural view and drives actions based on strategies.

Agileworks Accounting ERP

Add-ons to Moneyworks and other packages.

  • Suitable for SMEs scaling towards enterprise level.

  • For organisations that require more agile ERP solutions.

  • Modules include: CRM, e-statement management; bulk invoice mailing with delivery tracking; eCommerce Integration (like Shopify) and eWarehouse integration; advanced commission management for salesforce, stock manager (virtual); account assistant (virtual) and debit order module