Chat Bots

enable your staff to spend more 'quality' time with your customers.

IT is all about people, so our bots are designed to maximise your agents' productivity and person-to-person time. Our solutions also enhance customers’ experiences because they leverage the best qualities of both virtual and real agents.

Perfect Pairs

Each call centre agents gets teamed with a virtual twin. [?]

  • Bots focus on repetitive tasks, such as data capture.

  • Agents' have more time for person-to-person interaction on key activities.

  • Staff have constant visibility of their bots' conversations and can take over seamlessly.

Our bots are 'trained' ...

... to make 'decisions'

  • Can 'I' handle this function, or not?

  • Do a customer's answers make sense?

  • Is the customer becoming frustrated?

  • Must 'I' now transfer back to a human agent?


The man to create the worlds first chatbot was MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum; so AgileWorks is proud to present Weiz our own little chatbot.

The version of Weiz on your here is created in Dialogue flow. This program allows us to create a chatbot that has more visual and interactive dialogue.

You can follow his suggestion chips and learn about our other platforms and what types of bots you can experience

These bots can also be plugged into our products such as the CME to collect user information. For instance, if a customer has queries on a specific product, we can collect contact details and reach out to them in their preferred manner.

These agents can integrate with Facebook for a similar or completely different experience and here a handover can be done to allow someone to speak directly to customers

The version of Weiz is made in our partner product Twilio autopilot while he may not look as fancy as the one above his back end is much more powerful.

Twilio powers our bots that need advanced calculations to call other API’s or perhaps do things like send SMS or email replies.

Usually best with a specific role/goal

This Weiz in this case has a job to find out who of the AgileWorks “human” team would best suit your needs.

He can send out an email if that is your preferred option or he asks a few questions and put you directly in contact with one of our team using Twilio Flex where you can have two-way conversations on a number of channels right here and now.