For Small to Medium Enterprises AgileWorks has a range of products to help improve your daily business life.


MoneyWorks is exceptional Accounting Software which unlocks accounting data to help SME businesses excel. It is feature rich, friendly and flexible, allowing you to structure accounts to meet your own needs and easily integrates with other systems.

Reporting can be as simple as dashboard charts or as detailed as comprehensive reports and sub summaries with click through to live data. Made to be fast and intuitive to operate, is native on Mac and Windows, has single or multi-user versions and is perfect for South African businesses that want to grow with a first rate secure and compliant system.

Moneyworks can be purchased as a perpetual license OR you can instantly subscribe on a monthly basis. For multi-user needs we offer Moneyworks Now, an instant and easy to start month to month cloud hosted version. We offer turn key conversion services to take you from other systems to Moneyworks.

Here follows a quick overview of the products:

MoneyWorks Range


  • Record all payments and receipt’s
  • Store customer and supplier details in databases
  • Manage taxes
  • Produce professional income and expenditure reports.
  • Maintain all account details for over 7 years
  • Easier budgeting
  • List views for searching and sorting
  • Enquiry screens for views of balances and trends
  • Cashbook is FREE and can be downloaded by going over to the signup page and look for the "Free Subscription" link.


All Cashbooks features plus:

  • Generate invoices and statements.
  • Monitor amounts owing and get notifications of overdues.
  • Full payments history
  • Automatic notification when creditor invoices overdue.
  • Create professional invoices, statements, PO's, mailing labels and remittance forms.
  • In-depth customised analysis by almost any criteria
  • On screen sales graphs


All Cashbooks and Expresses features plus:

  • Sub-ledger capabilities
  • Send and receive invoices or payments in any currency
  • Enter quotes, sales orders and purchase orders
  • Manage deposits, backorders and shipping.
  • Manage inventory and manufacturing.
  • Automatically collate time and disbursements for billing.
  • Advanced security
  • Customize MoneyWorks

Data Center

Network server for MoneyWorks Gold, with single company or multi-company options that includes:

  • Network access for your MoneyWorks Gold Data
  • The Data Centre Console provides a central, convenient way to manage your system
  • Mobile access
  • Backend integration with the use of REST API’s
  • Advanced Security

In the Cloud

MoneyWorks Data Centre but hosted in the cloud including:

  • Your own native desktop user interface
  • All the functionally of MoneyWorks Gold
  • You own your own data and can move it at any time
  • Customizable
  • Host in your country

For the Cloud

  • Agileworks' MoneyWorks Business Portal provides a powerful cloud platform to leverage everything in MoneyWorks and beyond. The MoneyWorks Business Portal provides powerful custom CRM and ERP features that can be used to help manage your sales force, B2B portals and much more.
  • Agileworks provides a Mendix powered Moneyworks cloud platform, for those enterprise customers who would like to customise their instance at the speed of Mendix. Mendix allows our clients to customise their solutions with no- or low-code while allowing powerful custom development, testing and deployment of applications: innovate fast.
  • Agileworks' financial services cloud features are also available for MoneyWorks Business Portal clients to help them manage credit checks and other Bureau related features with the click of a button: it makes complex simple.
  • The platform supports out of the box AI chatbots, SMS and WhatsApp integration and modules to allow campaign management systems, online stores and other partner apps to be integrated: delivery that is frictionless.


Agileworks and Interactive Risk Management (IRM) have developed Profile, an easy, secure and frictionless way to leverage your business data in Excel, Google Sheets, corporate apps and databases, securely and with no technical skills required, at the drop of a secure hat.

Profile is a software drop box, that allows you to do a number of checks on potential and long running employees that can give you peace of mind managing your risk and giving you valuable insights. These checks include:

  • Director of Companies
  • Ghost Employees
  • VAT Number Verification
  • Qualification verification
  • South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS)
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Data enrichment
  • Data updates for contactibility
  • Much more - all at the drop of a file, easy as that, no need to talk to someone or log into a website, no more to and fro.