Out-the-box Solutions


"..Improved a client's right party contact from 7% to 20%.."

  • Our Out-the-Box Fintech Kit is an integrated solution that has all the benefits of a Level 5 CMM system. It has leading-edge software components that are totally integrated, and provide a manager with the right measurements for resource optimisation.

  • Everything is visible, and manageable, on the unified desktop.

  • The kit includes Teamworks, Twilio, CME and modules such as our Chatbots.

  • This solution is ideal for financial services companies with high in-bound or out-bound communications, where service levels are mission-critical.

Some of the functionality ...

    • Unified inbound and outbound cloud contact centre application.

    • Offers leading integration into customer data platforms (CDP) for hot lead production, and knowing your customer to personalise interactions.

    • A sophisticated segmentation capability enables customer targeting through advanced filtering off a marketing customer list.

    • Programmable CRM (advanced campaign management).

    • Omni-channel with sophisticated lead and contact centre optimizing capabilities.

    • Integrated dialer, with strategy engine, that eclipses classical predictive, progressive and preview dialling.

    • Programmable IVR.

    • Programmable list management and prioritisation.

    • Programmable machine learning drop-in capability.

    • Built-in integration platform to make drop-in integration of existing systems effortless.

    • Fully customisable with low code Twilio and Mendix.

    • POPIA – Management of Opt-in